Meet the Nursery Staff

Jarissa Woolbright

Jarissa lives and works in Cookeville, but she is from Jackson County. During the week she serves as a caregiver for adults with disabilities. She enjoys roller derby, podcasting, and special effects makeup. 

Rosie Howes

Rosie lives in Baxter with her family. She is an active member of Rising Above Ministries. Rosie has two children, Hyrum and Daisy. Rosie loves to laugh and enjoys iced coffee with cream and sugar as a treat.

Amy Hunter

Amy lives in Cookeville with her husband Hanif and their son Henry. They are expecting a baby girl in 2019. Amy has worked actively with the suicide prevention hotline for the past few years, as well as working in freelance graphic design. You may have seen her work at The ART Prowl.