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Helping Hands

Clean Water Project

This program is temporarily suspended


The Clean Water Project offers free installation of a system with a UV lamp and filters.  The system is for homes using well or spring water which have tested positive for bacteria.


Please contact the Clean Water Project team for additional information.

Phone: 931-526-4424.


A system installed by the Clean Water Project team is shown at the left.


For more information visit:

Pastors and Members of Session, thank you for your prayers, support and partnership with Living Waters for the World these past 20 years, empowering trained mission teams and their community partners to provide sustainable, clean water in over 1,000 locations across 26 nations. We present our new video, Light of the World, a celebration of hope, clean water and Christ's love. We invite you to share the video with your members, and they in turn, so that more may learn about this vital work.

"Light of the World"

Living Waters for the World, a ministry of Synod of Living Waters, PCUSA

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