People in Park


Mountain Village

Wednesday Night Gathering

We gather in the Fellowship Hall for dinner, discussion, and activities for all ages from 5:15pm until 7:15pm.

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Fellowship Walks and Hikes

…come, let us walk (and hike) in the light of the Lord.


We meet to walk, hike and fellowship throughout our beautiful middle Tennessee   A different location is chosen each 3rd Sunday of the month.  We hope to see you there!

Fresh Coffee Beans

Higher Grounds Coffee Café

Join us each Sunday in the Fellowship Hall from 9:30am until worship begins. Come share in some good coffee and fellowship as we will be enjoying goodies to munch on and a plethora of coffee and flavor options. There’s no class, no preparation needed, no activities, this is just a warm beverage and getting to know and connect with our siblings in Christ at FPC.
Sorry Board Game

Game Night

Drop in or stay the whole time for Game Night, which is every first Thursday evening, in the Fellowship Hall from 6pm until 8pm.
Bring games if you like or enjoy one of the abundance of games already there! Laughter, play, and strategy are a gift from God indeed!