The Session is the governing body elected by the congregation of First Presbyterian Church.  They are entrusted with major decisions concerning church business and activities and with the pastor, are the spiritual leaders of the church.



2021: Sam Glasgow, Chelsea Holland, Marilyn Ledbetter

2022: Jeremy Germenis, Barry Turner, Donna Simpson

2023: Jon Dugle, John Nisbet, David Pelren

Clerk of Session: Linda Wilson


The Deacons of First Presbyterian Church are charged with the nurture of the congregation.  By a ministry of compassion, the Deacons express the love of the congregation and concern in the name of Jesus Christ.


The Deacons fulfill this charge through a number of activities.  They oversee the care groups of the congregation, facilitate worship by enlisting ushers, organize the Second Sunday Dinners, provide food during family crises, and deliver baskets to shut-ins at Christmas.



2021: Cathy Dewey, Jessica Germenis, Jim Greeson, Kay Powell

2022: Annette Kvale, Chris McCormick, Alana Pelren, Erica Scott

2023: Myrna Estes, Ron Ledbetter, Amy Woods