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Lesotho Mission

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Lesotho is an independent mountain kingdom that lies within the borders of South Africa. This largely rural country has achieved one of the highest literacy rates in Africa, despite persistent poverty, food insecurity and HIV/AIDS, which has orphaned one-fifth of Lesotho’s children. Some 57 per cent of all households live below the national poverty line. More than one in four individuals ages 15–49 carry HIV, and women and adolescent girls are disproportionately affected. Many children are severely malnourished and suffering from a host of poverty-related illnesses, including tuberculosis and diseases of the skin.

The Lesotho Mission at First Presbyterian Church provides direct support to orphans within Lesotho. By doing our part we pray that we can help in giving the children there a brighter safer future.

Learn more about Lesotho Child Counseling Unit at

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"In Lesotho nearly half of all inhabitants are under 18. These children are at the forefront of vulnerability."

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