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Helping Hands

Samaritan Assistance

Local Community Assistance Program

What we offer:
  • We offer a $25.00 food voucher or $25 check mailed to a local utility company.

  • A valid personal photo identification and Social Security card.

  • If requesting utility assistance, a current utility bill with name and address matching your ID. (Request must be made at least 5 days before disconnection date.)

  • We issue one voucher per person or household.

  • Eligibility frequency to receive additional assistance from us is once every six months.

SPECIAL NOTE: We are not meeting in person. You must fill out the ONLINE CLAIM ASSISTANCE FORM via the link below.

Disclaimer: Receipt of assistance is not guaranteed as availability of services offered is determined by availability of funding.

The services we offer, dollar amounts given, and guidelines may change at any time, for any reason without notice.

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