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Administration and Finance

As part of our commitment to provide a supportive community, we aim to deliver timely and reliable assistance with any church-related matters. Whether you are a first-time visitor or long-time member, we are here to assist you with your needs.  Whether it's Sunday worship guides, office administration, accounting, payroll or the creation of an inspiring newsletter, we take pride in being accurate, helpful and friendly as we interact with members. 

Sunday Worship Guide

Our Worship Guide contains everything you need to know about each Sunday's service, including the order of service and the hymn numbers. Our services are designed to be orderly and meaningful, and we provide helpful information to make it easy for you to follow along. If you're looking for a church that offers a welcoming atmosphere and meaningful worship experience, First Presbyterian Church is the place for you.


We understand that our donors and members rely on us to manage their financial gifts in a responsible way. That’s why we have put in place a comprehensive system for recording and tracking all donations, as well as preparing detailed budgets and financial reports. We keep our members informed about how we’re using their funds, and we’re committed to providing the transparency they deserve.

Newsletter and Website

Our website and newsletter are designed with your busy schedule in mind. You will quickly find the information you need about our congregation and the activities we have going on. We encourage everyone to sign up for our e-newsletter to stay up to date with current events and to visit our website for a full calendar of the wonderful things happening in the life of the church. 


Our administration team ensures that everything runs in an orderly and efficient manner, taking care of the necessary behind the scenes tasks to make everything happen. If you need anything, from information to assistance with any tasks, we are always here to help. Together, we can grow in faith and share God’s love with others.

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