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Current & Recent Events

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Teenage Students Raising Hands

Wednesday Night Bible Study 

We gather in the Fellowship Hall for our next Bible study series of discussions. During these gatherings we will explore, discuss, and wrestle with the core of what we believe and do here in our journey of faith at First Presbyterian Church.

All are encouraged to join in as the discussion will be much more robust. Bring those tough biblical and theological questions to stump the pastor! 

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Clean Earth Committee

FPC Adopt a Road on Dixie Ave.
Thank you for cleaning Dixie Ave. and our church grounds.


Making Coffee

Higher Grounds Coffee Cafe

Each Sunday, Higher Grounds Café meets in the Fellowship Hall from 9:30am until worship begins. Come share in some good coffee and fellowship as we will be enjoying goodies to munch on and a plethora of coffee and flavor options.

There’s no class, no preparation needed, no activities, this is just a warm beverage and getting to know and connect with our siblings in Christ at FPC.

Buffet Time

Second Sunday Lunch

  • Second Sunday Potluck Lunch is held every month.

  • We meet in the Fellowship Hall immediately following Worship Service.

  • Come be a part of the fun and enjoy great food and fellowship!

  • Beverages will be provided.

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