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We believe that everyone deserves a chance to explore their faith and spirituality in a supportive environment. Our ministries offer both children and adults opportunities to learn, connect and participate in a variety of ways. From our outreach programs, to Sunday services, to youth groups, we make sure to engage everyone in fun and engaging activities that strengthen their bond with their faith and the community.

Reading Bible

Christian Education

Rev. Michael McLaughlin, Minister

Cade Arnold, Elder, Committee Chair

Buffet Time

Fellowship & Outreach

Dina Smith, Elder, Committee Chair

church 1.jpg

Building & Grounds

Josh Dore', Elder, Committee Chair

taking selfie

Children & Youth

Rev. Katie Ory, Director of Children's Ministry

Volunteers Packing Food


Pat Wilhelm, Elder, Committee Chair

Work Desk

Admin & Finance

Rick Woods, Elder, Committee Chair

Amy Ainsley, Office Administrator

toddler, play, color, smile.jpg

Parents Day Out/SoulSong

Virginia Fillers, Director



Beverly Cardinal, Elder, Cmte. Chair

Paul Thurmond, Music Director


Time, Talent, Treasure List

A detailed list of opportunities for you to share you time, talent, and treasures.

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