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Matthew 25

Missions Work

The Matthew 25 vision calls for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) — from members to mid councils — to be actively engaged in their communities by working toward: building congregational vitality, dismantling structural racism, and eradicating systemic poverty. These urgent tasks are a direct response to the good news of Jesus and a faithful expression of what it means to be Christ’s disciples in this time and place.

We are grateful and blessed to have a congregation of talented people who give of themselves to various community projects and ministries. We believe that helping others is a gift of compassion and a testimony of faith. We invite all to join us in supporting our community.

Matthew 25

Clean Earth Project

The Clean Earth Project's first endeavor was participating in the Tennessee Adopt-a-Road program and continue to adopted a part of Dixie Avenue in Cookeville.

Secondly, we created a community garden space on the church grounds for growing vegetables. We donate them to Helping Hands and the garden adds to our overall green space while improving air quality in the downtown area. It's a little bit, but every little bit counts.

Good Samaritan Project

We offer local community assistance to help with household finances in the form of a $25.00 food voucher or $25 check mailed to a Putnam County utility company.

We also maintain a small "Food Box" located outside of our building at the bottom of the handicap ramp.  The items in this box are intended to aid those people experiencing homelessness.

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Lesotho, Africa Orphans

The Lesotho Mission at First Presbyterian Church provides direct support to orphans within Lesotho. By doing our part we pray that we can help in giving the children there a brighter safer future.


We conduct several "Cooking Classes" and Food sales to raise funds for this mission.


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Matthew 25

PSA/Ukirk Campus Ministry

We provide meals and monetary support for our PSA house students.  An inclusive community offering students at Tennessee Tech University support, fellowship, and space for reflection on questions of faith.

We seek honest conversation, spiritual growth, and authentic care for each other during our time in college and beyond.

Our motto reflects our mission:  Prayer, Service, Acceptance

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Appalachia Service Project

Every year we participate in service to the Appalachia Service Project. (ASP) The ASP offers programs for youth, college and adult age groups. The ASP is Christian Ministry open to everyone that through volunteer service to others instills faith, fosters hope, and blesses people's lives.

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Special Missions

Presbyterians are part of a remarkable tradition. The PC(USA)'s four church-wide Special Offerings help share Christ's love with millions of people around the world.

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